Lyrics: Now Or Never by Sankomota

‘Now or Never’ by Sankomota

Heyi wena Afrika
Kgale o dutse hae
Tsamaya lo ipatlela tsa bophelo
Tsoha o iketsetse.

Vuka baba, vuka
Life has been passing you by
Follow your star, it’s now or never
Hayi, you’ve got to make it better

O dutse o phuthile matsoho.
Afrika, hayi hale!
O re o shebile dintho tsa mahala.
You gonna wait forever!

O phutile matsoho,
O shebile banna ha ba sebetsa,
We ma!


19 thoughts on “Lyrics: Now Or Never by Sankomota

  1. Hei, uena Afrika!
    Khale u lutse hae.
    Tsamaea, u e’o ipatlela tsa bophelo.
    Tsoha, u iketsetse!

    Vuka, baba! Vuka!
    Life has been passing you by.
    Follow your star; it’s now or never!
    Hae, got to make to make it better.

    U lutse, u phuthile matsoho,
    Afrika, [h]aelale!
    U re, u shebile ntho tsa mahala?
    You gonn’ wait forever!

    U phuthile matsoho,
    U shebile banna ha ba sebetsa,

    (In Sesotho first person pronoun “U” is used in writing. The expression “Tsamaea, u e’o…” reads, “Tsamaea, u e[e h]o ipatlela…”. “Afrika, [h]aelale!” means to let sleeping dogs lie. It should properly read “A e lale”. Hope it helps)

    1. Hi Nchema, thank you for your input. Is this the spelling in seSotho sa ko Lesotho? I’m in Mzansi (South Africa) and only just learning the language (I speak isiZulu tho). If my transcription is very faulty, I’ll definitely have to change it but if it’s a question of dialect, maybe I can put up both dialects?

      And thanks for the comment on ‘A e lale’ – from my understanding, “hayi hale” is an exclamation like “hayi khona” (no ways!), which would make more sense to me in context. Thoughts please?

      Thanks again. Zano.

    2. Please add this song

      Sankomota – Papa

      You’re waiting for your name to be called [what do you say]
      Your body is shaking with disbelief [tell us more]
      ’Cause you never ever worked for it before

      You’re waiting for your name to be called [what do you say]
      Your body is shaking with disbelief [tell us more]
      ’Cause you never ever worked for it before

      Chorus: Go on my son take over
      I want to be with you on the judgement day [the judgement day]

      Repeat chorus

      (Chorus playing in the background)

      Born from the master a master of inspiration,
      I‘ll tell you, the flesh that dies brings a god that lives in you
      To achieve the power of life in you

      I sincerely pass my greatest gratitude to a saint, my papa,
      who left a message in a song for me to hear.
      It can only be proper to pass it on to the ears that feels and knows true.
      Yes I remember what my father said.
      Let me say something here,
      Look deep in your heart for you are a master of generations to come,
      So you can remember and never wonder when your name is not called from the register of the masters
      Yes you are a master


      I would like the choir to join me to sing this song

      Lefeelleng, moo ke tsamaeang,
      Ho lahleha ba bangata,
      Empa ‘na, ea ntsamaisang
      Oh yeah yeah Jesu….

      Lefeelleng, moo ke tsamaeang,
      Ho lahlehile ba bangata ngata ngata,
      Empa ‘na empa ‘na empa ‘na
      Empa ‘na Jesu….

  2. Hey, there, Nokuhle…

    The lyrics are in Sesotho of Lesotho (officially known as Southern Sotho), my mother tongue. I hope you understand the meaning behind the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. should you need any assistance with this or any Sesotho song, especially from Sankomota, please allow me to be of assistance to the extent that i can. Thanks!

    1. is there anywhere i can download this great song? I cannot find it anywhere (apart from a poor JayZ remix on youtube) although I heard it on a Cape radio station the other day.

      1. hey uzanokule, thanks so much for that. wonder if I could upload it now to youtube and share it, maybe there would be copyright issues though.

    2. Dear Anonymous, ke a leboha! Yes, I never really understood the entire meaning (I’m only learning seSotho recently) until I put this up. an important part of this whole project for me is to actually learn what all the songs mean (I try shy away from putting translations in English because this is aimed it putting indigenous African languages on the pedestal). Send me a link to your blog or drop me a line on avatorn at gmail dot com and maybe we can put up some more lyrics ka se Sotho.

    3. Hello, I once visited Lesotho, hoping to get DVDs of Sankomota and did not get anything, maybe it was because I was not familiar with places, can you help me in this respect. Also can you post the lyrics of the the song, Ramasela!!

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