Unabantu Bakho (Methodist Hymn)

Unabantu Bakho

[A Methodist Hymn adopted as an anthem by my maternal family]


Unabantu bakho, Nkosi, ngezikhati zonke.
Ubangcina, ubancede eendaweni zonke.

Mabewela imifula, ubanabo wena.
Mabeshiswa ngemililo, ubanabo wena.

Lapho beshushiswa khona, boqiniswa nguwe
Nasezilwaneni, Nkosi, bagciniwe nguwe.

Bakhangela kuwe, Nkosi, labo bantu bakho.
Bayabonga, bakuthembe, labo bantu bakho.


Unabantu bakho Thixo, ngamaxesha onke.
Ubagcina, ubancede endaweni zonke.

Bakuwela imilambo, ubanabo wena
Bakutshiswa ngemililo, ubanabo wena.

Apho batshutshiswa khona, bomelezwa nguwe
Nasemarhamncweni Thixo, bagciniwe nguwe

Bakangela kuwe Nkosi, aabo bantu bakho
Babulela bakuthembe, aabo bantu bakho.

[English Translation]

You are with your people, God, at every moment.
You keep them, You help them through all things [places].

When they cross rivers, You are with them
When they are tested [burnt] by fires, You are with them.

Where they are persecuted, they will be strengthened by you
Even in the midst of danger [beasts], they have been kept by you

They look to you, Lord – these, your people.
They give thanks and trust you – these, your people.


3 thoughts on “Unabantu Bakho (Methodist Hymn)

  1. Hi love the Heavenly hymns of the Methodist Church. I would love to see the lyrics of Ndiyakhala hymn in English. Just love this in.The words speaks to me

  2. I just Love the humns of the Methodist Church. Plz would love the lyrics of the hymn ” Ndiyakhala kuwe Thixo” in English.

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