Video & Lyrics: Viva, the Legend by Zonke Dikana

‘Viva, the legend’ by Zonke Dikana

I hear them say your name
I know you live in me
They’d say Viva! he’s a legend
And I’d smile, and my mind we would fly

Everyday of my life watching you
Nndizidla nangawe [I’m proud of you]
Ndibubona ububele bakho [seeing your kindness]
Ndinjena nje nguwe [I am who I am, its you]
Viva, you are a legend

Lalaleh lala-lalalah
Hayeh lali-lalalah
Lalalih la-lalah
Haye-eh heh!

Babekhala bathi balahlekelwe [They cried and said they are bereaved]
Boba yintoni-na ngaphandle kwakhe, yini! [What will they be without him]
Hayi incubek’ engako nans’ ikuthi [So much luck thats on our side]
Viva, ndiyakwethembisa soze sijike [Viva, I promise you i won’t change]

Wasifundisa uthando [You taught us love]
Wasifundisa umhlaba [You taught us the world]
Wasifundisa uk’hleka [You taught us laughter]
Wasifundisa uk’vana thina [You us to get along]

Wasifundisa inyan’ [You taught us the truth]
Wathi nyamezelani [You said we must hold on]
Wasifundisa uthando, [You taught us Love]
uThando lomculo, Viva! [The Love of music, Viva!]

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