Nkosi Yezulu (King of The Heavens) Lyrics by We Will Worship

African Gospel Lyrics

(Sung in Zulu & Tswana)

(in Zulu)
Siyakhothama (We bow down)
Njengengelosi ezulwini (Like an angel in heaven)
Siyazithoba (We humble ourselves)
Phambi kwaBaba (Before our Father)
Thina sithi (We say)

UyiNkosi yezulu (You are the King of heaven)
UnguMdali walomhlaba (You are Creator of this earth)
Ubusa phans’ naphezulu (You reign below and above)
Konke kumi ngawe Baba (Everything holds together in you Father)

(From the Top)

(in Tswana)
Rea kgumama (We bow down)
Le mangeloi legodimo (With the angels and all heaven)
R’a ikokobetsa (We humble ourselves)
Pele haNtate (Before our Father)
Rona rere (We say)

Kgosi ya magodimong (King of the heavens)
O Mohlodi wa lefatshe (You are Creator of the earth)
O rena fatsh’ legodimo (You reign below and above)
Tsohle di ka wena Ntate (Everything holds together in you Father)

Oa halalela (You are glorious)
Oa halalela (You are glorious)
Haleluya, rea go boka! (Hallelujah…

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