Lyrics & Translation: We Baba Omncane (Busi Mhlongo)

We Baba Omncane
Busi Mhlongo

We bab’omncane
Wang’xosha kabuhlung’
Kodwa yini na?

Um’ ungafun’ uk’hloniph’ abazali bakho
Ngek’ uz’ ulunge mntanam’

Full grammar

We baba omncane
[Oh uncle*]
Wangixosha kabuhlungu
[You chased me away so sorely]
Kodwa yini na?
[What’s the matter? (lit.: but what is it?)]

Uma ungafuni ukuhlonipha abazali bakho
[If you don’t want to respect your parents]
Ngeke uze ulunge mntanami
[You’ll never ever be alright, my child]

*Uncles & aunts in Zulu:

Bab’omkhlulu = Father’s older brother (“big father”)
Bab’omncane = Father’s younger brother (“small father”)
Babekazi = Father’s sister (“female father”)

Mamkhulu = Mother’s older sister (“big mother”)
Mamncane = Mother’s younger sister (“small mother”)
Malume = Mother’s brother


2 thoughts on “Lyrics & Translation: We Baba Omncane (Busi Mhlongo)

  1. Wow, thanks so much. Have been listening to this song for years without knowing what it meant. Keep up the good work!

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